Episode 6 – Immigration Pt. 1

Breanne and I have been MIA since the New Year, but we’re back with a special episode on immigration. To talk about this complex issue, we welcome our very first guest to the show, Danielle Ferrell. Danielle is an immigration attorney who works with immigrants in the Seattle area. Breanne and I ask her about immigration system, why people are immigrating to the US, and how racism affects our immigration policy and enforcement.



Episode 5 – Gun Control Part II

This week we continue our conversation on gun control and the Second Amendment. This is Part II, so check out episode four first for Part I. We recorded the intro separately and from different locations, so we apologize for any sound quality problems.


Episode 4 – Gun Control and the Second Amendment Part I

In light of the multiple mass shootings recently, Breanne and I tackle the difficult and controversial topic of gun control and the meaning of the Second Amendment. We had so much to say that we decided to split it into two episodes. Part I focuses on the history of Second Amendment. In Part II, we discuss anti- and pro-gun control arguments and various gun control measures.

NPR article and infographic: http://goo.gl/IjEOj4

The Politics of Gun Control, by Robert Spitzer: http://goo.gl/58leza

Gun Violence – The Real Costs: http://goo.gl/HrndDi


Episode 3-The Criminalization of Homelessness

Unfortunately due to a cold that seems to be hitting all of Seattle, Joshua and I are a week off in our podcast posting, but we’re looking forward to getting back on track!

This week we talk about the ever important topic of homelessness.  There are a number of common myths about the homeless population that are often used to prevent solutions to homelessness and criminalize its very existence.  For our third episode we unpack the truth about who is actually homeless, what “criminalization” means, and discuss why both matter so much.

Disclaimer:  Our apologies for the sound quality this week; we’re still getting accustomed to the equipment!

For more information, there are a number of briefs written by Seattle University School of Law students on the criminalization of homeless:  http://www.law.seattleu.edu/centers-and-institutes/korematsu-center/homeless-rights-advocacy-project.

As well as report recently issued by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty:  http://www.nlchp.org/documents/No_Safe_Place.


Episode 1 – Elections and the Two Party System

In national level US politics, only two political parties have ever held any real power at any particular time. George Washington was the only president who didn’t belong to a political party and the two party system has existed since then. In recent years, the two party system has contributed to the lengthening of the presidential election cycle. What used to take only a few months now seems to last two years. Although a long election cycle gives voters plenty of time to learn about the candidates and the issues, this results in burnout for both voters and candidates. Voters also experience added frustration when they don’t and can’t see their views represented due to the two party system.

Gun control resources: http://amzn.com/0195137930  and http://amzn.com/1612057217
xkcd infographic on the history of political parties: https://xkcd.com/1127/
George Washington’s farewell address: http://1.usa.gov/1aELBwr
New York Times article on the election cycle: http://nyti.ms/1EMS9eG
UCLA study of elections: http://bit.ly/1RfWSsC



Welcome to Sidebar! We will be posting our first episode soon, where Breanne and I talk about the 2016 election and the two party system. Bear with us while we get this figured out, but we should be up and running soon. We will post an update when you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.